Wireless Video Door Phone

Our full colour video door phone allows you to clearly see who is at the door using inbuilt wire-free technology.

As well as live video, the door phone takes pictures of your last 20 visitors so you know who has called while you were out.

  • Wireless operation range of up to 130 metres without need for separate wifi
  • 2.4 Ghz digital system for clear audio and video
  • Built in night-vision for day and night use
  • Supplied with charging dock for receiver

The receiver allows you to see and speak to visitors from anywhere in your home.  Simply return the unit to the dock to recharge the battery as needed.
No need for WiFi or power to your door – our unit has a battery powered bell push and a completely self contained wireless system, with a 130m range.
Unexpected visitors late at night can cause the most anxiety. Our camera gives a clear image in the dark thanks to its built in night vision.
Our door phone allows you to see and talk to the visitor through the wireless receiver. Ideal if it takes you a little longer to get to the door – no more missed couriers!
Whenever a visitor presses the outdoor button, the door camera takes a picture. Review the last 20 callers on the wireless receiver to check if you missed someone important.
Knowing who is at the door before you open it helps avoid confrontation. It is simple to turn away any cold caller, and you have the reassurance of a stored picture of any that are persistent.

Cold calling and doorstep scamming

Cold calling is when someone makes an uninvited visit to your home to sell goods or services. These visits are rarely welcome and, due to the prevalence of rogue traders, National Trading Standard advise against buying from a cold caller.

It is estimated that £18.7m was lost to doorstep scammers in 2020, but it also believes that many of these offences go unreported. Scammers often target older people for doorstep scams as they are more likely to be at home during the day, and scammers might find it easier to intimidate or confuse them. In fact, 85% of victims of doorstep scams are aged 65 and over, according to National Trading Standards.

Although not illegal, any trader who ignores a request by you to leave and not return is committing a criminal offence. Still, many of us would rather avoid the potential confrontation of such a visit, such as with our Video Door Phone.

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