Infrared Massage Seat Cusion

  • Shiatsu massage seat cushion with 3 massage zones: upper, lower back or entire back
  • Separate neck massage and separate vibration massage in the seat
  • Optional infrared heating function
  • Various massage functions available
  • Includes remote control and car adapter for on the go

This massage cushion fits any chair and has different massage zones that are specially designed to massage the neck, spine, back and hips. It has a positive effect on tense muscles, making them relax. The additional heating function increases the feeling of comfort and relaxation. The mat has an ergonomic shape and is made of flexible materials, allowing it to adapt to any armchair. After a long day at a desk, a long drive in the car or a hectic day, with the Massage Seat cushion from Orange Care you can completely relax yourself.

Shiatsu massage with different options
The Shiatsu massage combines enjoyment with complete recovery. The 3D massage heads have an intensive effect on stuck muscles. The separate neck massage heads massage the neck and the massage heads at the back can be adjusted as desired. Massage your entire back, or choose to massage just your lower or upper back. Your choice! The vibrating massage in the seat also provides extra relaxation by stimulating the blood circulation in your lower body.

You can easily operate the massage chair cushion with the remote control. And thanks to the special car adapter, you can also use it when you’re not at home. Relax your whole body with the Orange Care Massage Seat Cushion!

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